Our Products

Orthotic Therapy, Inc. offers a variety of orthotics for Work, Sport, Dress and Specialty (cycling, cleats).
Dress Orthotics

These orthotics are fabricated for a typical fashion shoe or dress shoe and specifically designed to fit the shape of that shoe. These devices can be fabricated from rigid, semi-rigid, or soft material.

Sport Orthotics

These orthotics are fabricated for a sport shoe. This device is cut specific to the type of shoe needed for the sport. Examples include football, baseball, soccer and lacrosse cleats, running shoes, court shoes, and basketball shoes. Specific cycling orthotics can also be fabricated. We can customize an orthotic for any athletic shoe. Carbon fiber options are also available.

Specialized Orthotics

Orthotic Theraphy, Inc. can provide a variety of specialty orthotics. For example, hiking boots, work boots and steel toed boots are available.

I’m a first-time patient and need an evaluation.

New clients should schedule an appointment for an evaluation and receive your first pair of orthotics for $425. If you are an existing patient and need to order new custom orthotics, please choose the $275 option below.

Save by ordering multiple pairs at once! Order another pair with your re-order for $250 more. If you have not ordered in over 5 years, you will need to be reassessed. Other restrictions may apply.

NOTE: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, shipments may be delayed. Please call (615) 305-2553 with any questions.