Our Process

What happens at your evaluation?

Your appointment includes a one hour Physical Therapy evaluation. Pertinent medical history is reviewed. A visual evaluation of how you stand and walk is conducted.

ALL CLIENTS should bring current footwear choices to the appointment. We offer a variety of orthotic products compatible with many shoe options. We dedicate time at your evaluation to help you choose shoes which can improve your symptoms.

ATHLETES should bring appropriate footwear and may perform sports specific activities as part of your evaluation.

Precise measurements are taken of each foot. An impression of your feet is made from which a highly accurate 3D scan is taken.


The precise scans of your feet are sent to our U.S. based lab, which uses the latest technology to produce each pair of orthotics individually.The 3D scan is kept at the lab for five years. Additional orthotics can be conveniently reordered from your scan.


Once the orthotics are made custom to your needs, they are delivered to the Orthotic Therapy office for review and inspection. A fitting appointment will then be scheduled. Thereafter, you will be instructed on how to care for and transition into your new custom orthotics. We recommend you introduce the orthotics into your daily activities gradually over a few days to allow your feet and the rest of your body to adjust.


New clients should schedule an appointment for an evaluation and receive your first pair of orthotics for $425. If you are an existing patient and need to order new custom orthotics, please choose the $275 option below.

Save by ordering multiple pairs at once! Order another pair with your re-order for $250 more. If you have not ordered in over 5 years, you will need to be reassessed. Other restrictions may apply.

Please call (615) 305-2553 with any questions.