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Orthotic Therapy, Inc.

Custom inserts from Orthotic Therapy, Inc. can be helpful for a wide variety of people from industrial workers to elite athletes. In fact, anyone who has pain in the foot, knee, hip or back may benefit from a custom insert.

Owner Heather Stacey, MS PT, ATC-Ret, LAT, has over 20 years experience treating orthopedic injuries with custom orthotics. Orthotic Therapy, Inc. has a proven Evaluation Process to suit each client’s specific needs.

What are Orthotics?
Who needs Orthotics?
Why custom Orthotics?

We Put Your Feet first

At Orthotic Therapy, Inc., our focus is on your feet and how to solve pain and mobility issues. Foot pain can affect anyone and be very difficult to solve. Foot problems can even translate to knee, hip and back pain which can have a devastating impact on your life. From lost workdays, to missed sports opportunities, or struggles with everyday tasks such as shopping, recreation, childcare and more, your feet are at the center of almost all life’s activities.

Custom orthotics from Orthotic Therapy, Inc. may help. We offer orthotics for Work, Sport, Dress and Specialty (cycling/cleats) use. It starts with a comprehensive evaluation. There is relief ahead! Contact us today.

Our Clients Say

If custom orthotics are in your future, call Heather Stacey. She cares for her customers, goes above and beyond, and is not satisfied until they are. I have used her inserts on 3 extended trips with no problems. She is professional and a delight!

Nancy Moody

After an accident many years ago, I sought help from surgeons, podiatrists and a number of orthotic specialists with no relief. In some cases, I experienced increased pain. I had given up on anything more than over the counter pain medicine. And then I visited Orthotic Therapy.

Tom Bauer

I had no idea orthotics would become one of my most important pieces of equipment before I saw Orthotic Therapy. Now, they enable me to train hard for the sports I love. Heather educated me on my orthotic needs and provided me valuable recommendations like the best shoes for my foot style, stretches, etc. She is passionate and her expertise facilitated my injury-free lifestyle.

Bob, Ironman Triathlete


New clients should schedule an appointment for an evaluation and receive your first pair of orthotics for $425. If you are an existing patient and need to order new custom orthotics, please choose the $275 option below.

Save by ordering multiple pairs at once! Order another pair with your re-order for $250 more. If you have not ordered in over 5 years, you will need to be reassessed. Other restrictions may apply.

Please call (615) 305-2553 with any questions.