Orthotic Therapy ft

Orthotic Therapy
provides one pair of custom orthotics including the evaluation for $325. A second pair is only $225.


Orthotic Therapy services are available in the greater Nashville area. Call us for the location nearest to you. Contact Us Now

Orthotics are available:
For Every Day Use
• For Running
• For Cycling
• For Dress Shoes
• For All Sports Cleats

• For Work Boots

Orthotic Therapy offers several kinds of Foot Orthotics including:


Semi-Rigid Orthotics

Partially controls abnormal motion or abnormal position of the foot and leg during walking and running. Semirigid Orthotics are indicated for patients who have a moderate amount of control and stability.
orthotics3 orthotics4

Maximally prevents abnormal motion or abnormal position of the foot and leg during walking or running. Rigid orthotics are indicated for patients when maximum control of the foot is needed.

Supports the foot providing cushion and shock absorption during walking or running. Accomodative Orthotics are indicated for patients with neurological conditions, diabetes, and arthritis.

Turf Toe® Plate/Orthotic

Many options are available, such as Turf Toe® plates. Please contact us for specific inquiries.

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